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As an MD myself, I thought it might be useful to site other physicians.  I found a WebMD article written by Kathleen M. Zelman, an MPH, RD/LD that interviews Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD an expert in pregnancy addressing the phenomenon of weight gain during pregnancy and how it can affect your pregnancy.

While gaining weight during pregnancy is inevitable and actually necessary, it is also important to lose the weight after giving birth as well as to lose it in a healthy way.

How much weight is OK to gain during pregnancy?

Supporting a new life inside your body takes lots of calories and good nutrition. It is important to gain enough weight but also not too much. Women with a normal BMI prior to pregnancy should gain between 25 and 35 pounds, or 45 if she has twins. If overweight prior to pregnancy, gaining 15 to 25 is safe. Pregnancy is not a time to lose weight or diet. Pregnancy is an experience that should be catered to each individual and every woman should check with their doctor about what is safe during their pregnancy.

What’s wrong with gaining too much weight during pregnancy?

If you don’t lose the weight within a year of giving birth, it is more likely that the extra weight will be permanent. Especially if you want to have another child, it is extremely important to return to a healthy weight both for your own health and the health of your future child.

Does gaining too much weight result in a bigger baby?

Most definitely not. Eating for two doesn’t mean eating twice as much. If the mother gains over 35 pounds for a single birth, it will be harder for her to lose the weight after birth.

How long should it take to lose the baby weight?

Rather than focusing on dieting, it’s best to focus on eating healthy.  It might take up to a year to lose the weight. You should aim to lose for 1-2 pounds per week. We’ll discuss more about how to lose the weight next month.