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About Dr. McIlveen

Dr. Peter McIlveenAs a doctor in North Carolina, Dr. McIlveen sees patients that struggle with their weight, or rather, they don’t struggle. Some don’t attempt to lose the weight after pregnancies and in turn, develop major heath problems such as hypertension and diabetes. Diabetes is not only a nuisance to manage, but can have even greater negative impacts on a person’s health down the line. Out of every 100 pregnant women in the U.S., two to ten will have gestational diabetes. If it does not go away after pregnancy, it develops into type 2 diabetes. Some women don’t think it is possible to prevent these developments. With the right knowledge and understanding of nutrition and proper exercise, it is definitely avoidable. Dr. McIlveen chooses to bring up the issue of weight from the perspective of health rather than physical image, because after all, a woman’s health, especially a mother’s health, is what matters.

Dr. Peter McIlveen is one of the few OB/GYN physicians who is also a board certified obesity medicine doctor. He is passionate about the well-being of his patients; Dr. McIlveen saw an issue and decided to do what he could to fix it. Not only were his patients getting diabetes after pregnancy, but they thought it was normal. It is common for women to gain weight after their pregnancies, but it is not normal to get diabetes. With the right steps, women should be able to lose the weight and maintain their health.

Dr. Peter McIlveen had been informally educating his patients on nutrition, and then chose to pursue advanced education and examination to become board certified as an Obesity Medicine doctor. In December of 2013, Dr. McIlveen opened North Carolina Weight and Wellness. He is accompanied by Dr. J. Diane Moon who has a Doctorate in Nursing Practice and a Master of Science in Nursing with a focus on Women’s Health. They both love helping their patients. Their main focus is to provide compassionate care during all stages of their patients’ lives. Women go through many changes as they age: hormonal, physical, and emotional changes. Each woman has distinct needs during these various stages and thus Dr. McIlveen, Dr. Moon and the rest of their staff provide specialized care with a focus on prevention and education. Their staff is uniquely qualified to meet each of their patient’s specific needs.

“I lost 17 lbs. my first month. I am beyond excited with these results. All I had to do was listen to what the very friendly staff instructed me to do and the weight falls off. They are awesome!!! Thank you!”

-Eden Love, patient at NC Weight & Wellness

At North Carolina Weight and Wellness, patients meet with a doctor on their first visit. They are quickly analyzed using state-of-the-art bioimpedance equipment to determine how many pounds of fat and muscle they have, and where it located. It’s a great way to establish the starting place and set an initial goal. The patients are educated on nutrition; they are not be put on diets but rather educated in a way to help change and improve their eating habits. The amount of exercise in an individual’s program depends on the patient. The length of the program is discerned by how much the patient has to loose and in what time frame they choose.

Dr. Peter McIlveen and Dr. Moon are excited to provide this obesity medicine service, giving them the ability to provide the necessary care and treatment to their patients. Dr. Peter McIlveen is also a proud and involved member of the Obesity Action Coalition, where he was recently spotlighted in a newsletter! Understanding the importance of having ones voice be heard in government, Dr. McIlveen also encourages his patients and community members to reach out to their local government representatives to fight for proper access to women’s healthcare.



Compassionate Doctor Award 5 Year Honoree – Vitals

The Vitals Compassionate Doctor Award is based on reviews and ratings of doctors. They are determined by putting together all of the reviews and ratings of a given doctor within one calendar year. Less than 5% of all doctors nationwide receive this award. Dr. Peter McIlveen has managed to earn the Compassionate Doctor Award for more than 5 years in a row!

Patients’ Choice Award – Vitals

Similarly to the Compassionate Doctor Award, the Patients’ Choice Award is given to doctors who are exceptionally reviewed and rated by patients on vitals. Unlike the Compassionate Doctor Award, the Patients’ Choice Award is given to an even smaller margin of Doctors. Dr. Peter McIlveen has managed to consistently win this award during the past several years of his service.

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